5 Valuable Tips For Home Teeth Whitening

Ready to put the sparkle back in your smile and kiss goodbye to stained and aged teeth? Home teeth whitening makes it easier and more affordable than ever to achieve a brilliantly white smile that will send your self-confidence sky-rocketing.

While creating a killer smile from the comfort of your own home is a cinch, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you get started.

How does home teeth whitening work?

Home teeth whitening involves filling custom-made trays with whitening gel and wearing them overnight, like a mouthguard. Your dentist will make and fit your trays before you take them home. It’s important to note that home teeth whitening will take you a little longer to achieve your desired smile compared to whitening in the dentist’s chair. With home teeth whitening, you should notice a difference in a few days. After 7 – 10 days, your teeth will be noticeably whiter.

Consult your dentist

The first stop on your journey to a brighter smile should be your dentist. It’s important to discuss with your dentist what you hope to achieve, why you’re unhappy with your current smile, and what could be the cause of your teeth discolouration. Your dentist will explain the whitening process to you to help you make an informed decision on whether or not whitening is for you.

Your dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy. If you have a pre-existing issue, teeth whitening could cause further damage. Crowns and veneers will affect the whitening process as they do not change colour after bleaching and sensitive teeth can also cause issues. Unfortunately, not everyone is a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. Only your dentist will be able to accurately advise if home teeth whitening is likely to be a success for you.

The market is flooded with home teeth whitening products guaranteed to brighten your smile. Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing an inferior product for a bargain price. Do your research carefully, consult your dentist, and take their advice. You can be assured that the products your dentist recommends have been tested and are safe to use.

Have your trays professionally fitted

The success of your home teeth whitening depends on how well your trays fit inside your mouth. The trays need to snugly cover each tooth and not cause the product to seep into your mouth or onto your gums. Loose and ill-fitting trays can cause less than perfect results, not to mention how uncomfortable they can be in your mouth. You need to be able to sleep with the trays in your mouth, so it’s important they fit well and cause as little irritation as possible.

Your best bet is to allow your dentist to professionally fit your trays. Your dentist will make an impression of your teeth and produce custom-made trays for your mouth. Once you’ve inserted the trays, ensure you wipe away any excess whitening product from your mouth and gums to prevent irritation.

Don’t overbleach

It can be tempting to leave your trays in longer than advised to see if you can achieve a whiter than white smile. Don’t succumb to this temptation. Follow the instructions of your home teeth whitening kit to the letter. Don’t use more product than advised and don’t do it longer or more often than advised.

Excessive use of whitening product can cause serious damage to the enamel on your teeth. Ensure you brush and floss your teeth before commencing the treatment, and be prepared for some sensitivity after your treatment. Sensitivity is common and will wear off in no time.

Protect your smile

You’ve achieved your dream of a dazzling smile, now you need to keep it that way. In the days after your treatment, steer clear of any foods with potential to stain your pearly whites, including beetroot and curry. Cut back on foods that were responsible for your teeth discolouration in the first place. The usual culprits are coffee, tea, red wine, soft drink and smoking.

It’s important to maintain a good oral health regime post-treatment. Ensure you brush twice daily, floss regularly and book in for regular check-ups with your dental professional.

Be realistic about your results

Don’t be disheartened if your teeth aren’t as white as you had hoped after your treatment. The success of home teeth whitening can rely on several factors, including the condition of your teeth before whitening. It is important to remember each case is different. Some may see instant results, while others will take several treatments. A good rule of thumb for teeth whitening is that your teeth should not be whiter than the whites of your eyes.

If you notice your teeth discolouring again after your treatment, consult your dentist. Home teeth whitening treatments are perfect for ongoing maintenance.

Home teeth whitening tips

  • Consult with your dental professional to ensure home teeth whitening is an option for you.
  • Invest in well-fitted custom-made home teeth whitening trays.
  • Follow the instructions carefully to avoid discomfort and uneven results.
  • Protect your smile post-treatment with a good oral health regime.
  • Have realistic expectations.

Choose the right home teeth whitening specialist

Whitening your teeth can be a big decision and one that involves discussion with your dentist. Concerns about costs and potential damage to your teeth could have made you nervous about home teeth whitening in the past. You’ll be pleased to know that home teeth whitening done properly is safe and affordable. Choosing a dental professional with the knowledge and experience to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted is your first step toward a brighter smile. Your dentist will discuss the benefits of home teeth whitening, minor side effects, and whether or not it is right for you.

The Australia Dental team are experienced in teeth whitening and can assure you that all of their whitening treatments have been tested to ensure they are safe for use.

Book an appointment with Australia Dental today to discuss teeth whitening treatment options and find out if home teeth whitening is for you.