Toofus’ Tripping

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Toofus’ latest global adventure has taken him to Amsterdam with a tip-toe through the tulips! There is no end to where you might find our Toofus. Without warning, we receive images of his frivolity and never quite know where he might be! The “king of selfies” forwarded his latest self portrait from the tulip fields… Read more »

Dental Care For Children

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Dental care is important regardless of your age. In a perfect world dental professionals would see dental care start from a young age and continue until well after a person turns 100. Seeing a Dentist for regular check-ups and treatment from an early age is an essential part of maintaining a healthy mouth for life…. Read more »

The Feminine Touch

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Australia Dental Clontarf has two gentle and caring female dentists for those who prefer the feminine touch. We were so often asked by patients if we had female dentists in our team and for a short time we were without. Dr Crystle and Dr Cherie have both been very well accepted by our patients at… Read more »

New Season, New toothbrush!!

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Many of us don’t replace our toothbrush head every 3 months like our dentist recommends! It doesn’t matter how many times we see the faded worn bristles, the second we put that brush down, we often forget our intention to change it! There are several reasons on why we need to change our toothbrush or toothbrush… Read more »

Happy Valentines Day!!

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and this is the perfect time to show off your pearly whites, whether you are going on your first date, or twentieth date, a beautiful healthy smile is  important if you are looking to have a fun time! Here are four reasons you should smile this coming Valentine’s Day. First thing people… Read more »