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Some of you may already be aware of Australia Dental’s mascot, Toofus.  Something you may not be aware of, is that he has his very own Facebook page! When you visit our Clontarf or Burpengary practice be sure to ask for your very own Toofus. We encourage you to like his page, snap Toofus in... Read more »

World Oral Health Day

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It’s World Oral Health Day today! Here at Australia Dental Clontarf, we take your oral health very seriously.  We want to help you maintain the healthiest smile possible. We offer general dental services and beneficial oral hygiene advice. If you are looking for a dentist on the Redcliffe Peninsula come and see us. Conveniently located... Read more »

Nutrition and Dental Health

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Most of us already know that a nutritious and well balanced diet is good for our health and wellbeing and this includes your oral health too! Your mouth, teeth and gums are much more than just tools to helping us to eat.  Our teeth need to be healthy and strong to break down the food... Read more »

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During the past few weeks we have seen many children taking advantage of the Child Dental Benefit Scheme for 2014. Australia Dental Burpengary has been alive with the sound of the children voices and activities. Our Dentist, Dr Kaeli Etheridge and the Team have received many beautiful, artistic drawings which have adorned the walls of... Read more »

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It is essential to have regular dental check-ups to maintain strong teeth and gums.  You should visit your dentist at least once a year, after all we all know that prevention is the key to long-term oral health! Introducing children to the dentist at an early age is important so that any problems can be... Read more »

Sugar & Dental Health

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Most of us would be aware that sugar is bad for our teeth, but exactly why might be a little more complex than we realise. There is no doubt that sugar is a key factor in tooth decay, but certain factors can affect the severity of it’s destruction. For instance, if sugar is eaten with meals,... Read more »

Dentists Are Here to Save Your Smile!

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Regular dental check-ups are essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Prevention is better than cure in the long-term. Our Redcliffe dentists here at Clontarf suggest having a check-up at least once a year. If there is a problem, this may help avoid expensive root canal therapy and prevent gum disease also. Regular check-ups are... Read more »

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Healthy teeth and gums are extremely important during pregnancy. Sickness, hormones and food cravings can greatly affect your oral health which can also in turn, effect your unborn child. Gingivitis is common during pregnancy and up to 70% will suffer with this condition due to hormone changes. The condition causes gums to become red and... Read more »