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As the school holidays approach, it is a great time for the kids to book in for their check up and cleans before they head back to school! It is important for all of our younger patients parents to remember to take full advantage of the Governments Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS). The Governments Child... Read more »

Common dental myths

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Some of us don’t look forward to visiting the dentist, regardless of whether we are aware of the long-term benefits or not. So with all the unnecessary anxiety surrounding dentists and dental health, it’s not surprising that myths about oral health continue to circulate in our society. However, many of these are totally unfounded. But... Read more »

dental anxiety

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Dental anxiety is a term used to describe a common condition whereby patients feel fear, anxiety or stress when in a dental setting. The degree of fear can vary, from general unease to experiencing a panic attack at the thought of a dental visit, and it can be associated with triggers including needles, drills or... Read more »