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The concept of ‘Window Shopping Phenomenon’ in the health system describes a consumer-orientated practice where the patient materialises dental services while obtaining different quotations for his/her required treatment from various facilities to compare and select from. One might think all dentists use the same materials for the same tooth and think that paying for a... Read more »

Different Types of Dental Implants

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Are missing teeth getting in the way of you and a winning smile? Whether you need one or more teeth replaced, dental implants are an effective, safe and permanent solution for restoring your smile. Missing teeth can not only affect your smile and confidence, they can also affect your speech, muscle tone and face shape,... Read more »

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Dry mouth syndrome affects about 10 per cent of the general population with 25 per cent of those being older people. Dry mouth syndrome is when there is not enough saliva (spit) in th e mouth.  Having a dry mouth may be a symptom of an underlying problem such as certain prescription medications, symptoms may... Read more »

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Toothache is one of the most common reasons for people to visit the Dentist. Even though someone may know that there is an issue, such as a cavity, they may avoid coming to the dentist because of anxiety, financial concerns, or because they do not believe there is truly a problem until pain develops. Even... Read more »

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Have you noticed that cooler temperatures during Winter cause sensitivity and even soreness? We aren’t always able to avoid the cold weather, however brushing with a sensitive tooth paste may provide the relief you need. Should you be experiencing pain that prevents you from attending to your day to day life, it is always a... Read more »

5 Valuable Tips For Home Teeth Whitening

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Ready to put the sparkle back in your smile and kiss goodbye to stained and aged teeth? Home teeth whitening makes it easier and more affordable than ever to achieve a brilliantly white smile that will send your self-confidence sky-rocketing.

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Toofus’ latest global adventure has taken him to Amsterdam with a tip-toe through the tulips! There is no end to where you might find our Toofus. Without warning, we receive images of his frivolity and never quite know where he might be! The “king of selfies” forwarded his latest self portrait from the tulip fields... Read more »