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common dental problems

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When it comes to the modern world of dentistry, there is some good news – research shows that the number of teeth older Australians are retaining into old age seems to be increasing. However, the issue of oral health is not all smiles, because unfortunately as the time frame increases, so does the likelihood of... Read more »

How to Care For Dental Implants

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Dental implant surgery is a treatment whereby artificial roots are fixed in the mouth in order to provide a permanent base for a bridge or replacement teeth. Many individuals undergo this procedure because implants fit and function like normal teeth, and it’s a long-term solution for chronic dental problems or failing or missing teeth.

5 Reasons You Should Wear A Sports Mouthguard

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Whether you’re the parent of a sports-playing child or a regular participant in competitive sports yourself, there’s no doubt that having an active lifestyle is a great thing. When it comes to playing sport, most of us understand the importance of safety and injury protection, which is why we wear helmets when cycling, shin guards... Read more »

What are the stages of tooth decay

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You probably know that a dental cavity is a hole in one of your teeth. And you might also know that a cavity is the result of the process of tooth decay that happens over time. That’s why regular dental visits are a particularly important part of tooth decay prevention – if caught early, tooth decay can... Read more »

Dental Hygiene for Kids

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With statistics showing that over 58% of Australian children have tooth decay in their adult teeth by the time they reach the age of fourteen, it’s clear that it’s never too early to begin teaching good oral hygiene to children. Parents as consistent role models are key to setting daily routines and helping their children... Read more »

Common Signs Of Sensitive Teeth

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You’ve been ignoring the problem for a while. It all started with a slight twinge, however, the pain of your sensitive teeth has slowly become severe enough for you to consider booking an appointment with your dentist. But what actually causes tooth sensitivity?

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We were very interested to learn that tea contains fluoride. Apparently it is quite a well known fact. Like anything we indulge in, this won’t have a life threatening effect unless you were to go overboard. Tea plants readily absorb the fluoride directly from the soil and while the fluoride levels in tea are high,... Read more »