As we are preparing to say goodbye to the heat and hello to the cooler months, it is good to understand how cooler air can affect our teeth, as well as certain winter foods.


It can be seen that long variations of inhaling cold air and drinking cold water can cause toothaches.


People who suffer from sinus issues may find that in winter they have more toothaches due to sinusitis and colds. As your upper teeth are closer to your sinus, some symptoms can display as toothache when it is really a sinus infection. It is recommended that you seek dental advice if you are experiencing a toothache, to rule out any potential issues and get the help needed.

Cold days can also to lead more tension and grinding as your body is feeling cold.


Australia Dental Clontarf Winter Tip:

Because the flu and other illnesses seem to present more in winter, it is important to take care of your health. Eating foods with high nutrition will help keep your immune system healthy as well as having adequate rest and keeping warm. Make sure you substitute sugary hot drinks for things like herbal teas and remember to keep hydrated.