Australia Dental Clontarf now offers Orthodontic and Botox treatment

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Clontarf has extended their after hours appointments every Wednesday and now offers Orthodontic and botox treatment for your convenience. You may ask “Why botox in dentistry”? Botox is now being increasingly used in dentistry due to its therapeutic uses in treatment of certain oral conditions. Botox therapy is a minimally invasive procedure and is showing some… Read more »

What should I do if my tooth is knocked out?

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Phone the Australia Dental team immediately. For your tooth to be successfully reinserted, you must see a dentist within 30 minutes. Pick up your tooth by its crown, and be sure not to touch the tooth root as this can mean we cannot reinsert it. Bring your knocked out tooth to us in the groove… Read more »

I haven’t seen a dentist in years – am I in trouble?

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We understand that if you haven’t seen a dentist for a while, you may feel anxious or nervous about visiting us. But you needn’t worry – our dentists and hygienists at Australia Dental are always careful to be as gentle as possible. At your first examination with us, we will carefully assess your situation, and… Read more »

What treatment do you recommend for erupting wisdom teeth?

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If your erupting wisdom teeth cause a large infection, we may prescribe you antibiotics and wait until the infection has cleared, before we can assess the difficulty of removing your wisdom teeth. Depending on your situation, your wisdom teeth may be removed in our dental chair under local anaesthetic. Or, if your wisdom teeth are… Read more »

Is getting a filling painful?

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Today’s dental technology has made dentistry as quick and pain-free as possible. Our gentle and caring dentists will do everything they can to make your visit to Australia Dental a pleasant experience. With the help of local anaesthetic, we can make having a filling a pain-free, comfortable experience.

Can you improve the appearance of my silver fillings?

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Many of our patients feel self-conscious about their old-fashioned amalgam fillings, and want a natural-looking alternative. At Australia Dental we can replace your old fillings with durable tooth-coloured fillings, colour matching them to the exact shade and translucency of your natural teeth for a flawless new smile.

Do you have any tips for tooth brushing?

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Using a soft bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste, brush your teeth up and down from gum to tooth around your mouth. Try not to scrub sideways, as this can cause your teeth to become very sensitive around the gum line over time. Try using an electric toothbrush with extra features like pressure sensors and timers,… Read more »