The concept of ‘Window Shopping Phenomenon’ in the health system describes a consumer-orientated practice where the patient materialises dental services while obtaining different quotations for his/her required treatment from various facilities to compare and select from.

One might think all dentists use the same materials for the same tooth and think that paying for a simple filling is like buying a cup of coffee. The truth is, people tend to forget that teeth are a biological living tissue within the human body. The oral environment of a person drinking Coca Cola everyday and not brushing their teeth is not the same when compared to a person who brushes and flosses twice a day and has low sugar/acid diet. A filling in the first person will never last as long when compared to the second unless their oral hygiene improves. The treatment plan from practice A will never be the same from practice B or C just like buying a coffee from different café, for example when buying a Grande cappuccino from Starbucks at Myer Centre when compared to the Grande cappuccino from Starbucks at David Jones.

“They will never be the same coffee because the person making it is different”.

Having the ability to decide what you want is great. It doesn’t matter if you drink mocha when you are happy or a flat white when you are sad, you are the one choosing what to drink and where to drink it.

It is important to understand that each individual dentist is different from one another and therefore their proposed treatment will cost differently. You can judge the dentists online from their reviews before seeing them and go to the five-star dental clinics because they seem better than the non-five-stars. What is essential for everyone to realise is that one should never ‘shop’ for dental services and the decision to not attend your regular check-ups while leaving your teeth to decay until the point of non-restorable is your own personal choice.

Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine and regular check ups are the key, so if you are experiencing issues dentists Dr Terry and Dr Neil can dealt with sooner rather then later and now Australia Dental Burpengary offers the convenience of online bookings!

Dr Terry Pu.




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