Considering Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are considering improving your smile but not quite sure just where to start, booking an initial consultation is recommended.

Our understanding dentists can complete a routine check up and discuss your concerns in privacy, formulating a treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

Whilst cosmetic dentistry certainly is not a replacement for regular dental visits, it can mend aesthetic problems that may have developed as a result of much needed dental treatment.

Your dentist can remove stains on the teeth caused by lifestyle habits, such as smoking, strong coffee and even red wine.

Over the counter teeth whitening kits are available for use in home, or we can provide more advanced whitening techniques.

Cosmetic dentistry has advanced incredibly over the years and today it is easier than ever to achieve the smile you have always dreamed of.

Dr Sam Parker would love to meet you to discuss your individual needs or even your concerns regarding treatment. We pride ourselves on personal care and attention and look forward to you joining our growing list of happy patients.

We also understand that life gets busy, which is where our online booking facility comes in handy.  You can book your dental appointments anytime, 24 hours a day.