Here at Australia Dental Burpengary our dentist’s Dr Terry & Dr Neil understand that dental anxiety is a serious concern for some people, with a lot of people experiencing and putting up with pain in order to put off that visit to the dentist. It’s okay to feel nervous so there are a wide range of methods that we as dentists can use to help you face your fear. Infections, periodontal disease, loose teeth and even broken teeth can go years without treatment. Avoiding regular checkups might mean that you miss the chance to have any issues picked up early, leading to extensive, costly treatment on a regular basis.

Oral health has been linked to serious conditions of the heart and body, so skipping dental treatment due to fear is a real problem.

There are many people that experience some level of anxiety about visiting the dentist, it can range from a mild uncomfortable worry to an intense phobia, there is no need to feel embarrassed.

Bad experiences in the past, the loss of control, uncomfortable close contact just to name a few can be the cause of your anxiety and more have all been shared with us and is often the reason that a patient will avoid dental treatment. Just remember though that making it to the dentist is your choice, and it’s a first step to that you can be proud of!

The first step to conquering anxiety when visiting the dentist is having good communication between the dentist and yourself! Feeling at ease is essential and if something is causing you concern you should feel comfortable in discussing it with your dentist. 

Australia Dental Burpengary always aims to communicate openly with all our patient’s to ensure that you’ll be able to get the treatment and dental care that you need to have a healthy and happy smile that lasts your lifetime, and now with online booking taking that first step has never been easier!






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