Did you know that poor oral health has been linked with other general health problems, such as heart disease, an increased risk of stroke, respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease?

That’s why at Australia Dental, we believe that by helping to ensure the health of your teeth and gums, we’re safeguarding your overall wellbeing too.

Consistently removing bacteria from your teeth and gums requires a thorough oral hygiene routine, both at home and with help from your Brisbane dentist. In addition to your regular brushing and flossing, we recommend you visit us at Australia Dental every six months for a check-up.

What else do we check?

We will check for signs of potential dental problems such as gum disease or tooth decay, and carefully remove the built-up plaque and tar from your teeth that you can’t take care of at home, to preserve your oral health.

With this preventive dentistry routine, we aim to diagnose and treat any potential oral health problems in their early stages, ensuring any treatment is minimal and helping to reduce the severity and treatment cost in the future.

Phone Australia Dental today to make your appointment for a dental check-up and professional clean, and take the first step on your journey to a beautiful, healthy smile for life.