It’s dental health week and we are running a Facebook competition.  One lucky winner will score a very cool kids pack!

Dr Sam despises germs and he makes it his mission to eradicate every germ that might be invading your teeth.

The aim of the game is to correctly guess the number of germs on the teeth and enter your answer in the comments on the Facebook post.

Follow the link to our Facebook page and see the pinned post for your chance to win:-


The focus on Dental Health Week this year is women’s health and there are some very informative articles and advice available for women of all ages.


In particular, we find that during pregnancy, some women are worried that dental visits will effect their unborn child. If you are planning on falling pregnant, it is always a good idea to have a thorough check-up prior and it is quite safe to have a clean in the first trimester.

Due to the changes in hormones, you may notice changes to your gums in the first two months of pregnancy.  Gums might tend to bleed and may even become inflamed. By being vigilant with brushing and flossing, you may avoid these issues.