A Redcliffe Dentist For Your Family

The benefits of dental care and a healthy mouth are well understood, and Australia Dental offers the best in dentistry to unleash a smile you’ve been looking for. If you need a local Redcliffe dentist, Australia Dental is the perfect choice. We service patients across the Moreton Bay region from our two convenient dental clinics and we understand that all smiles are different. Our Redcliffe dentists have a unique combination of professional expertise and a friendly approach, which appeals to patients young and old! From general dentistry and paediatric dentistry for growing smiles, we provide work of the highest quality, all in a friendly, comfortable and welcoming environment.

Our Redcliffe dentist team are part of our practitioner-owned clinic and they understand the importance of putting you at ease and taking care of your whole family. People often feel anxious about sitting in the dental chair, but with Australia Dental you’re in good hands. From the minute you walk into our practice and throughout the entire treatment process our reception staff, laboratory staff and dental technicians will provide personal and warm service. If you’ve been online looking for ‘Dentists Redcliffe‘, ‘Dentist Redcliffe‘, or ‘Redcliffe Dentist‘, look no further than the team at Australia Dental!

Dentist Redcliffe – The Complete Range Of Services

  • Cosmetic teeth whitening and cosmetic dental work
  • General and preventative dentistry
  • Dental check-ups and oral hygiene instruction
  • Tooth repair and restoration, including root canal treatments, fillings, crowns, bridges and other treatments.
  • Dentures, mouthguards and splints
  • Extractions and wisdom teeth management

Through close consultations we will discuss your needs to find the best solution for the best smile and optimum dental health. We are able to tailor these plans to suit flexible needs and budget – never using a one size fits all approach and always providing care of the highest standards. For the best Redcliffe dentist care, talk to the team at Australia Dental today!

Kids Come First – Redcliffe Dentist Who’s Young At Heart!

A specialist area of our Redcliffe dentist practice is our paediatric dentist care. Our youthful team (we like to think so) can accommodate the unique dental needs of preschoolers, adolescents and toddlers including the demanding and challenging ‘teething issues’ that youngsters can experience.

Why Our Redcliffe Dentists Are Loved By Older Patients Too

As we grow older, dental concerns can become more prevalent. It is important to be aware of conditions that can impact on our oral health as we age. Many older locals in Redcliffe put their dental hygiene needs in the hands of Australia Dental. With a fantastic range of Redcliffe dentist treatments on offer, why would they look anywhere else? Did you know that the Australia Dental team are registered with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and are therefore able to offer subsidised dental care for veterans? This is one more reason the Redcliffe locals use the services of Australia Dental as they are entitled to claim on a range of treatments including dentures and fillings, leaving little or no out of pocket expenses. As a retiree or pensioner, this is true peace of mind.

Important Visits To Your Redcliffe Dentist

Most people understand the importance of a regular medical check-up as we age and this extends just as much to a dental check-up. Dentists agree that the health of our mouth is not just important for oral health but for the rest of our bodies, too, so it’s vital that seniors maintain a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. Come on, stop putting if off! Book into see one of our Redcliffe dentists today and let us take care of everything.

When Disaster Strikes – Redcliffe Emergency Dentists

Unfortunately emergencies occur when we least expect it and the locals of Redcliffe know who to turn to when pain strikes literally out of the blue. Open 6 days a week and servicing trauma patients as a priority, the Australia Dental Redcliffe dentists are here when you need us. Australia Dental offer a guaranteed 24 booking service and once you’ve confirmed your booking, we then offer a unique ‘wait time guarantee’ – a dollar off your out of pocket bill for every minute you wait over the first 20 minutes! How’s that for service! If 24 hours sounds like too long for your emergency, talk to our team and explain the situation and we’ll do everything we can to fast track your care.

Dentist Redcliffe With Wheelchair Access & Facilities To Support Walkers & Scooters

The Australia Dental clinic near Redcliffe has been designed to cater for all mobility requirements. Not only is the clinic easily accessible for those who get around on scooters or with the aid of walkers, but our Redcliffe dentists can even treat people in wheelchairs! Never has a visit to your Redcliffe dentist been so easy. Older Redcliffe residents are fortunate to have a local Redcliffe dentist that not only continues to offer service with a smile but a full range of dental treatments most appropriate for their unique needs. And with ready-made facilities plus subsidies on offer, keeping up your dental hygiene is so affordable and accessible.


Whether it’s an annual check-up and clean or a more complex orthodontic solution to correct overbites and tooth overcrowding, our amazing Redcliffe dentists can provide solutions and what they entail including different options and obligation free advice. To schedule your next dental appointment, call our practice directly on (07) 3284 7112 and make Australia Dental your dentist of choice in the Redcliffe Peninsula.