Don’t Make 2015 Another Year For Dental Disregard

We understand how busy life gets. There’s always something that needs to be checked off our seemingly never-ending to-do list. Often it’s been several years since people have seen a dentist, and this dental disregard stems from anxiety about what their visit might involve. We are here to tell you we’ve seen it all before, and the best way to deal with that anxiety head on is to schedule a check up with a friendly dental clinic. After all don’t you owe it to yourself to show the world your smile in its best form?

Our job at Australia Dental helps to use the very best of dental techniques, technology and improvements so you can invest in yourself and showcase your smile to the world. It’s never too late to take charge of teeth, helping to gain confidence, and prevent future problems. We think it’s definitely a resolution worth making in 2015. Here’s why:

1. Make Your Adult Teeth Last Your Lifetime


As adult teeth are with you for life but they need to be looked after, it doesn’t just happen. Teeth are strong but the stresses of modern diets, inadequate cleaning and brushing and other impacts on the tooth can bring decay, cracking, chipping and other problems. There’s no reason you can’t maintain a set of pearly whites into your senior years. Your dentist can help you reverse signs of gum disease, helping to avoid tooth loss, and oral discomfort. However for this to happen, it means a proactive commitment from the patient to visit their dentist and follow preventative advice.


2. Take charge of your oral health


Don’t let the excuse of “my teeth are already too difficult/crooked/expensive or too far gone to correct,” to convince yourself that all dental treatments are going to be expensive, painful or difficult. Instead of scaring yourself away from it, and take the first steps and ease anxiety by taking the first steps to visit a dentist to improve your oral health. With dental work there are options available to best suit the patient based on their needs and circumstances. From whitening, cleaning, straightening, repairing, restoring, replacing and implanting, we can do it all, and we are sensitive to the fact that people may be limited by their budgets.

That’s why we will run through different options that can suit, including dental payment plans, and other options like including preventative advice that will improve your situation. Dentists know that there are a number of different ways of treating dental conditions, and these are discussed with the patient in detail so that they can make the best choice for them at that point, and move forward with a positive plan to take care of their teeth into the future. If you’ve been putting off a visit to a dentist, we understand, but we also know how much better people feel after they’ve made the visit, often realising that many of their fears and anxieties were unfounded.

Don't go another year with dental disregard


3. Prevent future problems and save money


Like some people avoid taking their car to the mechanic because they would rather not know what needs to be fixed, it’s not uncommon for people to take the same approach with their teeth. See point number one and point number two about taking steps to help your teeth last a lifetime. Instead of reacting to a dental emergency when it happens, that will also likely be more painful and costly to correct, save money now by maintaining your teeth and preventing future problems. You’ll thank yourself later when you hear other people detail their dental despairs and congratulate yourself for taking steps to avoid a similar situation.


4. Make Your Smile a Feature and Feel Confident


You really deserve to free yourself from feeling self-conscious when in front of a camera or when meeting new people. Give yourself the gift on confidence. It’s priceless. People do notice teeth and a dentist can help you get the best from your smile, helping achieve the results that can’t be achieved with flossing and brushing alone. You smile deserves to be seen at it’s best, and you deserve to feel confident. Let us show you what’s possible so you can make this year more about your mouth and ten times more about your teeth.

Australia Dental is not your typical dental clinic. We want everyone to feel positive about their mouth and that’s why we encourage people who may have been previously too busy or had other had other reasons that prevented them coming to see us.  We’re welcoming, friendly and affordable, so make us your first point of dental contact in 2015 and find out what we can offer you and your teeth. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. For Brisbane dental work, contact us today on (07) 3284 7112 for our Clontarf clinic or (07) 3888 9125 for our Burpengary practice.