How Much Do Teeth Braces Cost?

Got a problem with crooked teeth? Do you suffer from an overbite or an underbite? Teeth braces can fix your dental problems, but how much do braces cost? Find out what sort of teeth straightening choices are available to you, and whether braces are an option for your budget here.

Why would you need teeth braces?

As a child, you would have lost your milk teeth and no doubt lined your pockets with coins from the tooth fairy. When you lose your baby teeth, they are replaced one by one with bigger, permanent teeth, which should last all the way through your adult years. The only problem is, some of those pesky big teeth don’t grow through at the right angle, and some grow through with sizeable gaps.

Additionally, your upper or lower jaws may not be quite the same size. When that happens, your teeth cause an overbite (if your lower jaw is smaller) or underbite (if your upper jaw is smaller), which can cause chewing difficulties and additional cavities due to uneven wear and tear.

Tooth and jaw complications can also relate to tooth decay, losing your baby teeth too early, accidents, or early childhood habits such as thumb sucking.

Orthodontic treatments such as teeth alignment and braces not only increase your confidence to smile, but also improve your dental hygiene. Say goodbye to food stuck in-between your gaps!

The good news is, teeth straightening and jaw re-alignment can be achieved with professional orthodontic care. Your orthodontist can establish what sort of teeth straightening you will need, and work out how much your braces or other treatments will cost.

What is an orthodontist?

Your first dental visit will be with your local or family dentist. Discuss your dental concerns at your routine visit with your dentist and they can then refer you to an orthodontist to discuss any teeth alignment concerns. An orthodontist is a dentist that specialises in dental correction. Your orthodontist will determine the appropriate teeth straightening options needed for your teeth.

What age should your teeth first be checked by an orthodontist?

There is no right or wrong answer as to when your child should first visit an orthodontist. Around the age of 7 is when permanent teeth start to work their way through, therefore orthodontist appointments can be arranged anywhere between 6 and 10 years. Dental issues start to become apparent when your adult teeth push through; problems such as teeth overcrowding or underbites, for example. Seeing an orthodontist pre-teen does not mean braces will be arranged straight away, it just means you can prepare for the appropriate treatment in the future.

Teeth braces for teens

As a teen, you are the most common age group to sport teeth braces, because you are at a point where you have finally lost all of your baby teeth. Your adult teeth are permanently fixed in their desired spot by the time you reach your teenage years, which is why it’s so common for this to be the time to discuss braces.

Teeth braces for adults

If you think teeth braces are only for teens and young adults, think again. Teeth braces have no age limit.

Orthodontic treatments with your teeth alignment are possible at any age. In fact, more and more people are choosing to straighten their teeth later in life if they ‘missed out’ on treatment as teens. If the cost of braces was not feasible for you and your family during your teen years for some reason, it may be far more possible for you as an adult with your own budget to plan.

What’s more, accidents can happen at any time in your life, and dental trauma might result in a need for braces to fix your teeth. How much do braces cost in such instances? It would be tricky to determine, as orthodontic treatment could be incorporated with visits to various health professionals, particularly when hospitalisation is involved.

Braces types

Did you know that there are many ways you can re-align your teeth? Teeth straightening options have become quite advanced in recent years; you are no longer limited to the traditional metal ‘train-track’ teeth braces you may remember from school days. Different dental circumstances require different options. Different choices will mean different budgets. Some of the types of teeth braces you can choose include:

• Metal braces (conventional type)

• Ceramic braces (tooth coloured, clear brackets)

• Lingual braces (almost invisible)

• Invisalign (invisible, the clear alternative to metal braces)

How much do braces cost in Australia?

The cost of braces in Australia will vary considerably. Some private health insurance companies offer assistance with orthodontic care, depending on your level of cover.

Metal braces cost

Fees will be somewhere in the region of $2,000 to $9,000 in Australia for conventional metal braces.

Ceramic braces cost

In Australia, the cost of ceramic braces typically ranges between $5,000 and $8,500 for a standard 18-month treatment.

Lingual braces cost

Lingual braces are custom-made for the individual for a perfect fit along the inside of your teeth. They tend to be more expensive than other orthodontic treatments and can cost up to $9,000 for a full 18-month plan.

Invisible braces cost

If invisible teeth braces sound more appealing to you, be aware that Invisalign braces will cost more than traditional metal braces. In Australia, the average cost of Invisalign will range from $6,000 to $9,000. Minor correction can start from $4,500.

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