Need A Dentist Near Caboolture

Looking for a friendly, reliable dentist near Caboolture? Australia Dental in Burpengary is a popular choice for families all over the Moreton region. But how do you know whether they’re the right dentist team for you?

The perfect dentist will meet your patient requirements, family budget, care expectations and have flexible appointment availability.

Whether you are experiencing the torment of toothache and need pain relief RIGHT NOW, would like your pearly whites a few shades brighter or are a Mum with kids just starting their dental care journey, the right dentist will be able to assist you quickly, flexibly, affordably and with compassion.

Australia Dental offers all this and more to every client. Read on for more reasons why Australian Dental is your best choice for dentistry in the Caboolture area!

Affordable dentistry services

People often find themselves struck with fear when they realise they need dental work, and that’s just at the thought of the impending service bill! But not all dentists are created equal and Australia Dental offers many options to make family dental work more affordable. From offering services to qualifying patients under the Veterans Affair Dental Scheme and the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), private health rebates and general payment plans, Australia Dental ensures access to quality dentistry is possible for everyone.

Find out the costs upfront & obligation free!

If you require a dental procedure but are unsure of the costs, a visit to Australia Dental will see you receive a written quote for all work before any procedure is commenced. This approach ensures peace of mind for the affordability of work being undertaken and removes the dreaded ‘nasty sting’ of finding out how much you owe after the work is complete!

A Caboolture dentist with flexible appointments for all the family

The demands of work, commuting, family and school life can make it tricky to get to important appointments – like the dentist! For this reason, Australia Dental offers after-hours appointments that will suit your busy schedule. Even better, Australia Dental’s professional guarantee to you is that they won’t take up your time waiting – they even offer cash back for time lost should there be an unexpected delay!

Whether you need to get the kids to the dentist for their annual check ups or whether you’re a shift worker needing restorative work, there’s an appointment available that will suit you!

For those who don’t like to book ahead because life can be unpredictable, Australia Dental also offers a “same day booking” guarantee. There’s no dentist in the Caboolture area more flexible and accommodating.

A caring dentist for the whole family

Every family member from toddler to senior has specific dental needs and Australia Dental are committed to quality care for young and old.

From first time dentist visits for children, through to braces, dental education and mouth guards for sporty teens – they’ve got your covered. No matter what stage your children are at Australia Dental can service their needs.

Seniors face their own dental challenges such as oral sensitivities, dry mouth, dentures or health related problems such as diabetes. Australia Dental is equally able to assist you.

Australia Dental proudly also offers mobility assisted services ensuring that the surgery is easily accessible even for those using wheelchairs, walkers or scooters.

Teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry

Being unhappy with your teeth, be it the shape, size or colour, can be sadly diminishing to one’s self esteem.

A dazzling white smile is confidence-enhancing and can be easily achieved through cosmetic dentistry procedures. Crooked or damaged teeth can be rectified with porcelain veneers, which can radically change your appearance as well as your self-confidence.

No matter the problem you’d like to address, Australia Dental offers a full range of cosmetic dentist procedures for clients across the greater Caboolture area. Their understanding approach and passion for the latest technologies will see you smile wider and bolder than ever before! If you have considered any type of cosmetic dentistry make an appointment to discuss your options with the team at Australia Dental. You’ll be impressed with their factual, lingo-free approach and their upfront presentation of all the costs.

Emergency dentistry in Caboolture

Uh-oh! We’ve all been there! The extra chewy Minty or the cricket ball we didn’t react to fast enough – recipes for dental disasters! If you have a dental emergency, such as a broken tooth or toothache, the team at Australia Dental are on standby to help immediately.

With an after hours phone number (07 3284 7112) and a compassionate approach, you’ll be in the chair and out of pain as quickly as possible! If you’re unsure about the costs but have a dental problem that is demanding immediate attention be sure to contact Australia Dental to discuss your options.

Australia Dental believe nobody should live with the excruciating pain of toothache. They are wholly committed to assisting you quickly, affordably and flexibly based on your personal situation. Please don’t suffer toothache unnecessarily when Australia Dental will fit you in and assist you in any way possible!

Caboolture dentistry for the dentist-phobes! You’ll love us even if you are scared!

Australia Dental understands that fear of the dentist is real and that a past bad experience can be truly traumatic in the long term. Our calm, caring approach sees us acknowledge your fear and then work with you to overcome it. We will never trivialize your anxiety and we’ll assist you to make visiting the dentist less fear-inducing. If you need or want to see a dentist but anxiety stands in your way, please let our staff know! We’ll show you that visiting a dental surgery can be a positive, pain-free experience.

If you are seeking a quality, professional and family-friendly dentist near the Caboolture area , Australia Dental is your first choice. From flexible appointments for emergencies to caring, compassionate treatment for seniors and children Australia Dental is the best dental surgery servicing Caboolture!

Looking for a caring, professional dentist near Caboolture? Contact us at Australia Dental today for same day bookings.