Nutrition and Dental Health

Most of us already know that a nutritious and well balanced diet is good for our health and wellbeing and this includes your oral health too!

Your mouth, teeth and gums are much more than just tools to helping us to eat.  Our teeth need to be healthy and strong to break down the food which will enable us to digest our meals much easier.

The food you eat has an incredible impact on the health of your teeth and sometimes the first signs of a poor or inadequate diet may show up in your oral health!

Fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy and protein are all food for your teeth as well as your body.

We are all guilty of snacking from time to time I am sure. There’s nothing wrong with a little treat now and then, but a good rule to remember is if it’s sweet and you aren’t going to be brushing for a time, a quick swish of water will help keep the sugar at bay which is a cause of tooth decay.

Remember, a balanced healthy diet will assist your overall health, including your teeth. Everything in moderation and you can’t go wrong.

If you have concerns about your oral health or wish to discuss the benefits of a regime to maintain a health smile, book an appointment today with one of our dentists.

We love welcoming new patients and the health of your teeth is of great importance.

Keep smiling!