Australia Dental is all about making it easy for BUSY people to get the excellence in care they need.

Need Immediate care?
Australia Dental offers a same day treatment guarantee so you can be confident that you will get the treatment you need within 24 hours.

Need an after hours dentist?
We are open Saturdays, and after hours during the week so you can stop in on the way home to see your Brisbane dentist.

Broken tooth?
Many workers need the occasional quick patch-up without the hard sell. We specialise in this.

Drive across the Houghton Highway?
We are located just off the Houghton Highway near the Redcliffe Medical Super Clinic.

Uncertain of how much you will pay?
Australia Dental provides upfront printed quotes for all treatment upon request.

Sick of waiting around at the dentist?
At Australia Dental we understand that for you – time is money. As such we offer a wait time guarantee,

“$1 off your out of pocket bill for every minute you wait over 20 minutes”

so you can count on us to run on time.

Need a better smile to be a better salesman or manager?
We have a huge array of cosmetic options to get you looking your best. Because as you know in business, a good smile can help!

Tired of a dentist who does not speak to you in simple terms?
At Australia Dental we speak to you in plain english without the medical mumbo jumbo. We outline your option and let you chose the right one for you.