Regional Health Summit - Clontarf Beach SHS

Australia Dental Clontarf was proud to be invited to participate in the first Regional Health Summit, held by Clontarf Beach State High School.

Our practice was one of 30 health industry exhibitors involved in the Summit.

The Career’s Day was aimed at Year’s 10, 11 and 12 from ten various High School’s in the region.

It was the perfect opportunity for students to personally talk and ask questions about what is involved with working in the health industry. ┬áThe students were very proactive and we enjoyed the opportunity to share our experience of “a day in the life of a dental practice”.

Students collected various information along the way and took part in a survey so the school could collate their feedback.

We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this exercise and would welcome the opportunity to be involved should this become an annual event.

It’s rewarding to be involved in the local community, after all, that is what Australia Dental Clontarf is all about.