At Australia Dental we like to see you enjoy your visit in a caring and relaxing environment. We completely understand that due to a number of reasons, you might feel anxious about receiving dental treatment.


Moving with the times, we provide modern, non evasive equipment and services to make your dental visit comfortable and pain free.  Believe it or not, most of our patients leave with a smile and positive feedback and wonder why they were even anxious in the first instance.

Our rooms are equipped with overhead TV screens, we have music in the rooms and we welcome you to choose your own playlist to enjoy.  Some of our patients even choose to bring their headphones along and listen to their own music.

Relaxation gas is also available should you wish to choose this option.

Our staff enjoy a good laugh and all have your best interests at heart. We want you to leave on a happy note and come back smiling.

If you have had an enjoyable and memorable visit to our practice, please consider leaving a Google review! We love to hear your stories and aim to please.