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Renovating your House/Mouth


Many patients are interested in restoring the health of their teeth and mouth and often don’t know where to start.

In these circumstances we at Australia Dental Clontarf like to explain how we “renovate your mouth” using the analogy of “renovating your house!”

As it turns out, the processes have a lot in common.

Renovating your House/Mouth

1. The Urgent Stuff

When renovating a house you would address first the areas that need quick attention (e.g. the kitchen is on fire).

In the mouth we do the same thing to get you out of pain (e.g. a bad tooth ache or unsavable teeth).

2. The Foundation

In a house this is pretty self explanatory but in the mouth the foundation is the gums and having them free of disease.

It is a waste of money to renovate a house built on sand and it is the same with teeth. 

Once we do a scale and clean and get you looking after your gums with a quick easy daily routine we have a stable base to do further work upon should it be required.

3. The Walls

Once the foundation is set you look at the wall structure.

Are there any walls missing or structural issues?

Same process with teeth, we fix up all surfaces and make them complete and strong again through fillings.

4. The Roof

Sometimes houses need a new roof to hold the whole structure together.

The same is true of heavily filled teeth.

Without a new roof or “crown” to give it structural support the structure underneath will not last over the long term.

5. Extensions

Now the house is on solid ground and structurally complete you can consider adding an extension to the home.

You may need and extra bedroom, carport or granny flat to “fill the gaps” and make the house more functional.

In the mouth you also have a choice to fill gaps and make the whole situation more functional.

Solutions include of filling any gaps with:

– Dentures (Removable acrylic teeth on a plastic or metal base)

– Bridges (Fixed porcelain tooth connected to the crowned teeth either side of the gap)

– Implants. (Fixed porcelain crown attached to a titanium screw that integrates with the upper or lower jaw bone)

Ask your dentist for a quote as prices vary greatly between these options.

5. The Appearance

Once everything is structurally complete then you can look at improving the general appearance of the place.

It may need a paint job and a bit of backyard blitz to look its best and add huge value.

In the mouth you have a wide choice of options to get your smile looking great including:

– teeth whitening

– orthodontics
– white fillings
– veneers
– crowns

– implants

Talk to us today about the options for getting your smile looking its very best!

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