Recently Dr Neil Evans went on a holiday to South Australia to experience the adrenaline rush you get from swimming with sharks. Dr Evans is a passionate shark admirer and has wanted to swim with them for a long time and now he can finally take that off his bucket list.

After Dr Evans trip he had the thought to himself of how great it would be if people could have teeth rows of teeth like sharks, so if we did lose a couple of it wouldn’t be of great concern, not to mention that every tooth we lost could be replaced with a brand new one, however this is not reality.

Taking good care if your mouth, teeth and gums is important, good oral and dental hygiene can help prevent bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease and can help you keep your teeth for longer as you get older.

What some of us don’t realise is that taking good care of your gum is just as important as taking care of your teeth. Periodontal Disease also more commonly known as gum disease is inflammation of the Gingivae(gums)  and the damage to the bone that hold the teeth in the jaw. It is thought to affect around 20% of Australian adults and it is one of the most common causes of teeth loss.

Here are a few tips to help prevent the chances of getting periodontal disease:

  • Careful regular teeth brushing and flossing are effective.
  • The build-up of plaque and calculus on your teeth needs to be controlled. Plaque can build up in out of reach areas for your toothbrush, which then hardens into calculus. This can only be removed by your dentist, therefore regular visits to your dentist are highly recommended.
  • Using an antibacterial toothpaste or mouth rinse can kill bacteria and lessen the amount of plaque in your mouth.
  • It is important not to smoke as this can aid the progression of periodontal disease.

By incorporating a good oral hygiene routine and visiting the dentist, such as our lovely Dr Neil here at Australia Dental Burpengary, regularly will help to reduce the risk of gum disease and now with online bookings making an appointment has never been easier!



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