We were very interested to learn that tea contains fluoride. Apparently it is quite a well known fact.

Like anything we indulge in, this won’t have a life threatening effect unless you were to go overboard.

Tea plants readily absorb the fluoride directly from the soil and while the fluoride levels in tea are high, it is important to also consider that tea leaves contain a natural antidote to fluoride toxicity, namely, anti-oxidants.

Tea contains high levels of “polyphenols” which are effective at countering oxidative stress in the body. Since oxidative stress is believed to be a key mechanism by which fluoride damages cells in the body, the high levels of anti-oxidants in some teas can help to mitigate the impact of the high fluoride levels.

All in all, not perhaps life threatening, however you can reduce your fluoride intake by drinking “white teas” which are formulated from young leaves.

Quite an interesting investigation.