Three years at the Clontarf desk for our Practice Manager ~ Anita

Today is certainly worthy of celebrations!

Three years ago I unpacked the very first box of dental supplies and contributed towards the preparation and anticipation of the arrival of our very first patient.

I still recall the first time the phone rang and the excitement of booking the first appointment.

The last three years is brimming with very fond memories and I can honestly say this is the best and happiest work place on the planet!

One patient has grown to over 3,500 and our team has evolved from one dentist to three.

Australia Dental Clontarf has it all:-  the friendliest team you will ever encounter, a heavenly view of the bay and a brilliant bunch of smiling patients.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for believing in us and for placing your smiles in our hands.

Three cheers, for three years!

Kind regards,

Anita Roe