Antibiotics Awareness Week

Key Messages for Antibiotic Awareness Week

  • Antibiotics are a precious resource that could be lost.
  • Antibiotic resistance is happening now – it is a worldwide problem that affects human and animal health.
  • Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria stops an antibiotic from working effectively – meaning some infections may be impossible to treat.
  • Few new antibiotics are being developed to help solve this problem.
  • Misuse of antibiotics contributes to antibiotic resistance.
  • Whenever antibiotics must be used, they must be used with care.

Don’t pop a pill – see your dentist!

It’s tempting when you’re busy and toothache hits to simply reach for some antibiotics and self-treat.

But the message of this year’s Antibiotic Awareness Week is that antibiotics should used sparingly, or they’ll cease to be effective from overuse.

Far better to see your dentist, get the treatment you need and only use antibiotics when they’re absolutely necessary.