A new arrival to the family is often a joyous occasion and can be a big adjustment. There are so many things to learn about your new bundle of joy. Something that isn’t always well known or taught is how to provide good oral hygiene for your little one.


Good oral hygiene practices start soon after birth.  Whether breast- or bottle-feeding cleaning bubs mouth regularly helps set up good habits early. A warm soft cloth to gently wipe out babies’ mouth after feeds is a simple way to build some of those habits.


Once your little ones start to get some teeth cutting through you can introduce a gentle silicone brush. There are lots of options available, look for something made from medical grade silicone to make sure it’s safe for your baby. Soft flexible ones can also double as a chew toy to help with teething. You don’t need to use toothpaste initially especially if they aren’t on solids yet.  Once they have teeth and are starting solids you can start to introduce toothpaste, they only need the smallest smear of toothpaste to start with.


As they approach their first birthday, it’s time to think about your little ones first dental visit. Getting in early for exposure to the dental setting, having a ride in the chair and making it a fun experience is a wonderful way to set up a healthy relationship with your family dentist.  The first visit is less about trying to do treatment and more about building a positive association with the dentist.


Here at Australia Dental Clontarf we love seeing kids of all ages and love to build a healthy, positive association with visiting the dentist.


Dr Ellen Rogers BDSc