Choosing The Right Paediatric General Dentist Brisbane

We know you’ll agree that giving your children a great start to good oral health is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. That’s why all our friendly Australia Dental team will be delighted to do whatever we can to help your kids look after their teeth at home, and enjoy their visits to the dentist. Get your children off to the best start possible and choose the best specialist paediatric dentist Brisbane wide.

It’s important that your child’s first experience with a Brisbane paediatric general dentist (or a dentist qualified to treat children) in Brisbane is a positive one. Prevention is always better than a cure so with this in mind, establishing a regular brushing regime with your child as well as maintaining oral hygiene is important. If you’ve been doing your research online with searches like ‘Paediatric Dentist Brisbane‘ or ‘Childrens Dentist Brisbane‘, then you’ll be so glad you’ve found Australia Dental.


Your Child’s First Paediatric General Dentist Brisbane Appointment

It’s a good idea to bring your child to visit us once their first teeth emerge, usually around their first birthday. We keep this first visit short and relaxed, briefly checking the health of your child’s teeth and gums, assessing whether their baby teeth have erupted straight, and offering you advice on the best cleaning techniques for your little one. We suggest booking your child’s first visit at the same time as your own regular check-up, so they can see that a dental examination is a normal and non-stressful experience. By introducing your kids to us early, you’ll help them see a trip to the dentist as a natural part of life, so they’re completely comfortable seeking treatment in future.

With the help of preventive dentistry from Australia Dental, you can put your kids on the right path towards a healthy mouth and an attractive smile for life.


How Our Brisbane Paediatric Dentists Can Help

1. Dietary Advice & Tooth Decay

The Australia Dental Brisbane paediatric general dentist team are always happy to give you advice on the do’s and don’ts of your child’s diet. For example, did you know that with tooth decay, it isn’t the total amount of sugar kids consume, but rather their frequency of consumption? This is because constantly snacking on sugary food and drink exposes your child’s teeth to acid for longer periods, without giving their mouth and saliva a chance to neutralise plaque acids. The result is a significant increase in your child’s chances of developing tooth decay.

Try to replace your child’s sugary snacks with natural treats like cheese, fresh fruit, and nuts. And encourage your child to drink water instead of soft drink, to reduce the level of acid in their mouth, encourage saliva production, and slow the potential development of tooth decay.

2. Orthodontic Screening

By assessing your child’s bite for potential problems early, the Australia Dental team aim to ensure that any orthodontic treatment is minimised, avoiding more complicated procedures once the problem has further developed. That’s why we recommend you bring your child for an orthodontic screening before their seventh birthday. Even though orthodontic treatment may not be necessary right away, early assessment can help us decide on the best time to begin future treatment. With early orthodontic treatment we aim to create room for your child’s erupting teeth, create facial symmetry by influencing the growth of their jaw, and reduce the need for treatment or surgery in later life. This sort of advice and early action is where your Brisbane childrens dentist is worth their weight in gold!

3. Fissure Sealants

Your child’s young back teeth are full of tiny, natural grooves and cracks, which can easily trap food, sugar and plaque. Because this area is difficult for your child to properly clean, cavities can then easily appear. To guard against this problem, the Australia Dental team can apply tooth-coloured fissure sealants to fill in these tiny flaws, forming a barrier against tooth decay and making them easier for your child to clean. We usually suggest applying fissure sealants after your child’s permanent teeth appear, at around the age of six or seven.

4. Kids’ Mouthguards

Kids love the rough and tumble of playing contact sports. But before they run out to train or play, it’s important to make sure they’re fully kitted out with a custom-made mouthguard from Australia Dental. Compared to standard “boil and bite” versions, a dentist-made mouthguard gives better protection against painful (and potentially expensive) dental injuries, by being precision-made to exactly fit your child’s bite and gum contour.


Dental Care For Your Kids – Childrens Dentist Brisbane Advice

Here are a few tips well worth mentioning about the importance of dental care for kids:

1. Regular Check-Ups

Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases in childhood so to ensure our kids enjoy a lifetime with strong healthy teeth and gums, it is important to establish regular dental check-ups. Starting from an early age, each visit to your Brisbane paediatric dentist will give them more and more confidence to sit in the chair and be comfortable with the surrounds. They can get to know the dentist and establish a friendly relationship for better long term treatment planning.

2. Regular Brushing

Not only do children need to get into the habit of regularly brushing their teeth but brushing correctly. Toddlers are encouraged to perform some of the brushing alone so that they can start to get a feel for it, but adult supervision is needed to ensure teeth are cleaned properly. Even as adults, it’s good to be reminded how to brush appropriately, so ask your dentist for some tips and guidance, particularly when training little ones. It’s also important that the correct brush is used depending on the age of the child, and that children learn how to not only brush properly, but keep their brush clean too.

3. Managing Nerves Or Anxiety About Visiting Their Brisbane Paediatric Dentist

Unfortunately many people suffer anxiety or feel nervous about a visit to the dentist. It is important that adults to not share their own fears with children as this can cause unnecessary problems from the outset. Australia Dental know all too well how important it is to make sure each visit is as comfortable and as pleasant as possible and will work with your child to ensure this is achieved. The first few visits may simply be an opportunity to sit in the chair and have a chat or count teeth. If we can make the visits to your Brisbane paediatric dentist fun from the outset, this can set up your kids for a lifetime of great dental health!


Teeth are such an important possession. How we look after them from childhood, right through to our adult years, is critical. Making the time to establish a dental plan for your children essential. Tooth decay is preventable and with the right brushing technique, diet and lifestyle choices and oral hygiene, children can learn right from the start how they can make a difference to the look and appearance of their teeth and protect their teeth from harm.If you are looking to organise an appointment for your child to see a paediatric general dentist Brisbane, contact Australia Dental today. Your child’s oral health is super important to us!


Do you have a Paediatic (Specialist) Dentist on your team?

Currently we do not have a Brisbane based Paediatic Specialist Dentist based at Australia Dental.

We do however have a number of general dentist on the team who are able to successfully address most cases through their advanced training.

We also have strong referral partnerships with local Paediatic Specialist should the complexity of your childs case demand it.