Dental care is important regardless of your age. In a perfect world dental professionals would see dental care start from a young age and continue until well after a person turns 100.

Seeing a Dentist for regular check-ups and treatment from an early age is an essential part of maintaining a healthy mouth for life.

Babies can experience dental issues including feeding and physical abnormalities. Introducing simple conditioning techniques so that when your first visit to the dentist can be considered a normal thing.  Running a damp wash cloth gently around a babies cheeks and gums whilst using words such as “OPEN” and BIG MOUTH with a lot of praise when bathing can help as well as getting them familiar. All these things go towards encouraging dental visits as a positive experience.

Adults should assist with children brushing their teeth until the age of 8, the child’s dexterity is not largely developed prior to this. Trying to convince a child to allow an adult to assist with brushing can be quite a challenge. You can try introducing a system of: ‘Child can start but Mummy/Daddy/Adult finishes’ in the daily oral hygiene routine. Some children may respond more with introducing a reward chart for every time they brush. Allowing the child to brush along to their favourite song can also be a positive experience.

Anything you can do to make dental care easier for your child will encourage a lifetime commitment and allow early intervention with dental issues and with funding available from Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Scheme for eligible children Australia Dental Burpengary can offer preventive and restorative service’s bulk billed.

Making that appointment for child’s first visit has never been easier with online bookings available at 

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