Healthy teeth and gums are extremely important during pregnancy. Sickness, hormones and food cravings can greatly affect your oral health which can also in turn, effect your unborn child.

Gingivitis is common during pregnancy and up to 70% will suffer with this condition due to hormone changes. The condition causes gums to become red and swollen and bleeding whilst brushing the teeth. Acidity is another enemy of your teeth. If you suffer with morning sickness, make sure you rinse your mouth if you are ill, but wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

Foods to avoid are sweet and sticky foods that increase the risk of tooth decay. Between the 3rd and 6th month of your pregnancy is the optimum time for dental treatment. Be sure to tell your Redcliffe Dentist that you are expecting since some treatments should be avoided.

Easy tips to consider are to brush at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, use an electric toothbrush and most importantly, if you smoke, you really should quit. If you are considering starting a family, why not visit us at Clontarf for a check up, clean and some oral hygiene instructions to make sure your are in great health during your pregnancy.