Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and this is the perfect time to show off your pearly whites, whether you are going on your first date, or twentieth date, a beautiful healthy smile is  important if you are looking to have a fun time! Here are four reasons you should smile this coming Valentine’s Day.

  • First thing people notice is a smile. Across the world, both men and women notice smiles. Studies have shown that the ones eyes and smile is the first things that many people notice when looking at someone. The first impression when a person walks up is crucial as it can dictate the rest of the date. Therefore, you want to make sure to create a warm and environment where both you and your partner are left smiling
  • Smiling Brings People Closer Together. Who doesn’t want to be closer to the person they are dating? In a study with adult women it was found that the female participants were much more inclined to take a step closer towards a person who was smiling, but hesitated when told to step towards a person who had an angry face. So smiling is will bring you closer together physically, and hopefully this will in turn bring you closer together emotionally as well.
  • Smiling is Attractive. Smiling is seen as very attractive. When a somebody smiles at another person, they are demonstrating that they are having a good time and is more receptive to engaging with someone throughout the date. Everyone likes to see that their date is going well, a smile just might be the little affirmation they are looking for and will in turn affect their outlook in levels of attraction.
  • Smiles are contagious. Being around people who are smiling has been shown to improve the moods of others. So if you begin smiling at your date, they may begin smiling right back, and all those benefits that came to you from smiling will also apply to them!
With these four reasons to smile, you should be jumping at the chance to brush and floss your teeth in preparation for this day that is full of opportunities.  We hope you can have a wonderful smile and an even better Valentine’s Day!
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