Your dental visit just became more relaxing.

Australia Dental Clontarf now has happy gas!

We understand that visiting the dentist can be quite overwhelming for some people, for many different reasons.

The option of  including happy gas with your treatment may enable you to relax throughout your treatment and also prevent the need to be referred for a general anaesthetic.

It is fast acting with its anti-anxiety and pain killing effect felt within 2-3 minutes. All the dentist has to do is to place a mask over your nose, administer the happy gas and you will be relaxed in seconds.

Another benefit of happy gas sedation is that you do not need someone to escort you to and from your dental appointments. A few minutes after the procedure, and when the dentist has confirmed that you have fully recovered from the inhalation sedation, you can drive home safely.

Having a relaxed patient helps the dentist to make more efficient use of time. Complex treatments can be completed in a smaller number of appointments or even in a single dental visit.

After a few visits, you may even find that you no longer require happy gas to get you through an appointment.

Our caring team are here to answer all your questions and discuss your individual needs. Give us a call today or book an online appointment.

Looking forward to caring for your busy smile.