Sugar & Dental Health

Most of us would be aware that sugar is bad for our teeth, but exactly why might be a little more complex than we realise.

There is no doubt that sugar is a key factor in tooth decay, but certain factors can affect the severity of it’s destruction.
For instance, if sugar is eaten with meals, it has a lesser effect on tooth decay compared to when it is eaten as a between meal snack. Sticky, sugary foods are the worst offenders.

Tooth decay will certainly decline if sugary foods are kept to a minimum.

The good news is that fluoride can fight the effects of sweet treats and can repair the initial stages of tooth decay and help make teeth resilient against damage. Safe amounts of fluoride are available in most tap water and many toothpastes.

If we can reduce the frequency and timing of eating sugary foods, this can only benefit the overall health of our teeth.