Easter Closures

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Australia Dental Clontarf will be closed over the long weekend. We will be staying home keeping our Easter eggs to ourselvesÂ đŸ«Â đŸ˜‹ We will return to normal business hours on Tuesday the 14th of April. Stay safe, and stay at home!


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At Australia Dental Clontarf our Dentists take the safety of our patients, our staff and their families very seriously. We follow ADA (Australian Dental Association) Guidelines for infection control, which includes minimising the risk of transmitting viruses including COVID-19. As the Australian government acknowledges dental practices as an essential service, we would like to inform… Read more »

Oral care during pregnancy

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The health of your teeth and gums are especially important during pregnancy. Here’s some expert advice for home care. Pregnancy hormones, morning sickness and food cravings can affect your oral health. This can have a flow-on effect on your unborn child. That’s why pregnancy is a time to focus on oral care. Preventing gum disease… Read more »

Is Bad breath effecting your life?

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Halitosis aka Bad Breath  Unfortunately we have all experienced at one time or another or been a victim of catching a whiff of  bad breath. We’ve all been there and no matter how many of us have shared this ‘lovely’ experience, it does not make it any less embarrassing. So here are some important tips… Read more »

Tea and Fluoride

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We were very interested to learn that tea contains fluoride. Apparently it is quite a well known fact. Like anything we indulge in, this won’t have a life threatening effect unless you were to go overboard. Tea plants readily absorb the fluoride directly from the soil and while the fluoride levels in tea are high,… Read more »

Hayfever Vs. Tooth Pain

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Pollen causing allergies can cause oral discomfort. Sinus problems are often escalated with the onset of Spring and tooth pain is often the result. A few simple tests to try and determine if your pain is sinus related might be worth a try. Try a change in position, such as tipping your head back and… Read more »